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Who Are We?

At Above And Beyond is a Spirit led business with a mission to help other businesses and individuals get the information they have to the masses. Our clients would be Authors, Speakers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Energy Healers, Health Professionals, etc.

With over 40 years of experience in the business world, the Co-founders Maggie Morris and Bunny Keating felt the pull to start a partnership to elevate and expand other people for the betterment and healing of the World. 

Connect with us to see how we can help you.

Picture of Maggie



As a Death Doula, Published Author, Mindfulness Master and Mentor, Reiki Practitioner, Event Host, Meditation Facilitator, Life Coach, and Spirtual Leader, Maggie has her finger on the pulse of the Spiritual community.  Maggie brings her intuitive connection to Spirit into everything she does, and follows its guidance daily.  Let her help you with your own journey on your path.

Picture of Bunny



As a Soul Coach, Bunny uses many forms of healing techniques including intuitive energy healing, psychic and mediumship readings, tarot, crystals, mindfulness and more to help facilitate healing in others. In the corporate space, Bunny has decades of customer service experience in many different service industries including working as a virtual assistant to Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  Connect with her to see how she can help you or your business.

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