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Christmas Miracles: Hope for the Holidays

Enter a world where the magic of Christmas comes alive, where the extraordinary happens, and where the power of hope, faith, and love reigns supreme. "Christmas Miracles: Hope for the Holidays" is a collection of 21 awe-inspiring stories that will warm your heart, rekindle your spirit, and remind you of the wonder of the holiday season.

"Christmas Miracles: Hope for the Holidays" is a treasure trove of inspiration that celebrates the spirit of Christmas in all its wonder. These stories remind us that during this magical season, miracles are not just a dream—they're a reality waiting to be uncovered.

As you turn the pages of this book, you'll be transported to a world where hope shines, faith endures, and love triumphs. Join us in celebrating the true spirit of Christmas, and let these stories illuminate your heart and soul.

This holiday season, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of inspiration. Order your copy of "Christmas Miracles: Hope for the Holidays" now and experience the joy and magic of the season like never before.

Table of Contents
"Unconditional Christmas" ~ By Anita Djurkovic
"From Heaven To Us" ~ By Léona Joannette
"Where's Your Miracle?" ~ By Bunny Keating
"Love And Family" ~ By Anne Joannette-White
"Childhood Christmas" & "Christmas Wake-Up" ~ By Betty Long
"Looking For The Christmas Miracles" ~ By Maggie Morris-Mingay
"Christmas Present." ~ By Christina O'Regan
"Christmas Gifts." ~ By BB Elizabeth Carver
"Life After Near-Death" ~ By John Jinks
"Ghosts Of Christmas Past" ~ By Kim Cubitt
"Christmas Miracles Hope For The Holidays" ~ By Tammy Brazeau
"Christmas Angel" ~ By Mélanie Beamer
"Christmas In The Sand" ~ By Sarah White
"Tropical Traditions" ~ By Emilie White
"The Real Christmas" & "The Blessing Of My Last Raffle Ticket" ~ By Sherry Harle
"Don's Christmas" ~ By Linda Rodgers
"The Birth of Jesus Foretold" & "The Birth Of The Jesus Messiah" & "The Birth Of Jesus" & "Jesus's Birth"~ By Bill Harle
"The First Christmas" ~ By Rose Bourassa
"Hope Is A Candle" ~ By Susan Diane
"The Christmas That Wouldn't Have Been" & "Mister Postman Stop And See" ~ By Iantha Jinks
"Unexplained Gift" ~ By Jody Swannell

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