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The Psalms in Rhyme

By William Arthur Harle

A work of over a decade is coming to print in November 2022 from first time author William Arthur Harle. Keep an eye out for information on when you can purchase your copy from Amazon


Spirit Talks

By Lindsay Cote

A collection of Indigenous Stories to reach out to peoples of all cultures. Coming to Amazon in December 2022.


Intuitive Messages from the Divine Gaïa

By Mélanie Beamer

Mother Earth Gaïa known as the Greek Earth Goddess, channels inspiring messages through me weekly to share with all of humanity. In this book, you will find 50 English messages and 50 French messages for a total of 100 different messages.

Qui est Gaïa? Gaïa est la mère de toute forme vivante sur la terre. Je suis le vaisseau messager de Gaïa qui canalise des messages inspirants chaque semaine pour unir l’humanité. Dans ce livre, vous trouverez 50 messages en anglais et 50 messages en français pour un total de 100 messages.

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