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The Psalms in Rhyme

By William Arthur Harle

A work of over a decade is coming to print in November 2022 from first-time author William Arthur Harle. Keep an eye out for information on when you can purchase your copy from Amazon


Spirit Talks

By Lindsay Cote

A collection of Indigenous stories about life and its many lessons told by a highly respected man. Within these pages, you will learn about some teachings and traditions of the First Nations Peoples from the author, Lindsay Cote, “Waabaa Benesii Ninii”, White Thunder Bird Man. A short snippet from the Introduction "Teachings come from many sources. From many nationalities. From both the young and the old, and from both male and female. There are no limitations when it comes to learning and understanding. I've once heard that the world is an open book. I believe this is true, but if you add the element of spirituality into the mix, then we are talking about something that is beyond most people’s comprehension." A brief bit About the Author "I am sixty one year old First Nation individual from the scenic Temagami region of Ontario, Canada, now living in Temiscaming First Nation in Quebec. I share my day to day life and adventures with my loving wife, Tina and our little dog Manii. I have indulged in writing stories and in all genres off and on for twenty years. I have had many stories displayed in various First Nations newspaper publications, across our Nation, both in Canada and in the United States, where I was a columnist, writing about my wilderness experiences." Stories inside this book include: Anungninii’s Gift The Sweat lodge at Bear’s Den Ryan’s Bundle The Manitou of 49th Street Nimkii Acceptation Devon's Card Manitou Falls Kyle's Wisdom Julie’s Cell Jason's Sun Dance Jamie’s Friend Isadore’s War A Dress for Madison A Warrior’s Dream Buffalo Crossing Drum Calling Carl's Grandfather Danny's Feather Grandmother’s promise


Intuitive Messages from the Divine Gaïa:
Volume 1

By Mélanie Beamer

Mother Earth Gaïa known as the Greek Earth Goddess, channels inspiring messages through me weekly to share with all of humanity. In this book, you will find 50 English messages and 50 French messages for a total of 100 different messages. Qui est Gaïa? Gaïa est la mère de toute forme vivante sur la terre. Je suis le vaisseau messager de Gaïa qui canalise des messages inspirants chaque semaine pour unir l’humanité. Dans ce livre, vous trouverez 50 messages en anglais et 50 messages en français pour un total de 100 messages.

Hit The Fan
Be Happy Anyway

By Linda Rodgers

Healing and happiness in the aftermath of global pandemic trauma… ​ Quarantines, frequent lockdowns, and social isolation were at the core of much of the human suffering that took place during the pandemic. ​ The psychological and economic trauma felt by many has forever changed the way we view the world. In the wake of this global event that shook humanity to its core, there has never been a better time to shine a light on trauma and healing. Delve into the pages of this book to understand the consequences of long-term stress, to explore exciting new paradigms, and to acquire strategies that will help you live a happier and more fulfilling life.


Resilient Eyes:
Survival Keys

By BB Elizabeth Carver

Can life’s obstacles, difficulties and scarcities be your keys to success? A little girl trapped in poverty, abuse and quiet desperation escapes into imaginative thoughts to survive and ultimately flourish. She learns to re-interpret beyond emotional, psychological and physical traumatic events at a young age to a state of wonder and awe. Her described understanding of in-depth struggles and challenges are viewed as learning experiences for life success. Her attitude is positive and curious as she demonstrates with her resilient spirit that it is not about where you come from or if you fit in that really matters. It’s all about who you become. The simplicity of BB’s words carries profound meaning. Her way of communicating is fresh and cuts through to the heart of the matter. I understand life to be an amazing journey after reading this book. It’s almost like you can get inside this little child’s mind and heart to feel what she feels. I found myself rooting for this little girl to discover her dreams successfully. She did! John Brennan McLean – Registered Psychotherapist – Ontario “ Magnetically written…… A young girl masterfully reframes her vexing life lessons” Dennis Gratton O’Neill


Intuitive Messages from the Divine Gaïa:
Volume 2

By Mélanie Beamer

Divine Mother Earth Gaïa Volume 2 is a book filled with inspired messages channelled through me. The messages are for all her Earth children, speaking about unconditional love, golden light and peace. Peace begins within each one of us. Are you ready to be Earth Ambassadors and embark on your New Missions? Mère terre divine Gaïa volume 2 est complet de messages inspirants qui m'ont été canalisés. Les messages sont remplis d'amour inconditionnel, de lumière dorée et de paix pour tous ses enfants sur terre. La paix débute à l'intérieur de chacun(e) de vous. Êtes-vous prêts(es) à devenir ses serviteurs comme Ambassadeur et Ambassadrice pour débuter vos nouvelles missions? About the Author Mélanie is a dear friend, daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. She extends her gifts of service to humanity as a published Author of her bilingual book: Intuitive Messages from the Divine Gaïa Messages intuitifs divins de Gaïa. She has written as an Author in 4 collaborative books. Mélanie is a Divine Intuitive Transformational Mentor. She guides Awakening Individuals that are ready to embark on their Soul journey achieve healing, forgiveness and inner peace by realigning them within their Hearts so they can live Authentically and follow their Divine Soul Missions. Mélanie is public speaker and has given presentations on World Unity Week 2022 and 2023. She gave weekly presentations as her mission and was a guest speaker in different rooms for 99 Days of Peace Through Unity and gave presentations during Peace Week 2023. Mélanie is a Medium and Oracle card reader and gives messages/readings to people Worldwide. She also Channels weekly messages from Mother Earth, Gaïa. Mélanie created in December 2021 to present two community online groups: Awakening Collective Consciousness and L’éveil de la conscience collective. She offers her services as an Energetic Healer and Life Coach. Mélanie life long goal is to be a public speaker at conferences all over the world. À propos de l’autrice Mélanie est une amie, une fille, une femme, une maman et une grand-maman. Elle étend ses dons et ses cadeaux au service de l’humanité comme Autrice du livre Messages intuitifs divins de Gaïa Volume 1. Elle est écrivaine de quatre livres collaboratifs. Mélanie est un mentor divin intuitif transformationnel. Elle guide les gens éveillés qui sont prêts à embarquer dans leurs missions de vie à atteindre la guérison, le pardon et la paix intérieure en s’alignant avec leur cœur pour vivre une vie authentique et poursuivre leurs missions d’âmes. Mélanie offre des présentations comme oratrice à des conférences. Elle a offert des présentations pour « World Unity Week » 2022 et 2023. Elle a offert comme mission à chaque semaine des présentations pendant le « 99 Days Of Peace Through Unity » ainsi qu’une invitée pour offrir quelques présentations dans une autre salle. Elle a offert trois présentations pendant la conférence de « Peace Week 2023 ». Mélanie offre aussi des services comme coach de vie, guérisseuse en soins énergétiques, atteinte par l’énergie de l’intuition et de guidance émotionnelle. Elle est Médium et analyse et interprète les cartes oracles. Mélanie offre des services comme Médium et des readings dans sa communauté, en ligne ou en personne à des gens partout autour du monde. Elle canalise à chaque semaine des messages de la mère terre Gaïa. Mélanie offre des sessions de communauté à chaque semaine sur Zoom qu’elle a formées en décembre 2021. « L’éveil de la conscience collective » et « Awakening Collective Consciousness ». Elle donne aussi des ateliers en ligne. Le plus grand rêve pour Mélanie est de devenir une oratrice et conférencière à travers le monde.

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