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Friendships: Bonds between Souls

October 31, 2022

A collection of work by 17 authors describing different situations involving friends and their experiences with friendships. These stories contain evidence of faith, sadness, joy, excitement, struggle, strength, courage and more. It is our prayer that this book will not only honour friendships, but also bring healing to the wounded of our world, in the way only a friend can.

In this book, you will:

  • See different aspects of friendship

  • Find happiness even in the most difficult of times

  • Find acceptance as you more deeply understand a different perspective

  • Connect with others in a place of unconditional love

  • Find opportunities for your own healing

  • Cry!(Don’t forget to have tissues handy)

Table Of Contents:
"FRIENDSHIPS: A Smorgasbord of Infinite Variety" ~ By Susan Diane - Page 5
"30 Years & Counting" ~ By Iantha Jinks - Page 15
"The Cycles of Friendship" ~ By John Jinks - Page 19
"The Gift if Friendships" ~ By Maggie Morris - Page 23
"Blessed" ~ By Melanie Joannette - Page 28
"Allowing Spirit to Flow Through You" ~ By Melanie Beamer - Page 33
"Friendships" ~ By Jody Swannell - Page 39
"Kindred Spirit.....Do You Have One?" ~ By Rollie Allaire - Page 43
"Bonds Between Souls" ~ By Léona Carrière Joannette - Page 47
"More than Just a Friend" ~ By Rose Bourassa - Page 55
"What is a Friend?" ~ By Bunny Keating - Page 61
"Standing Alone" ~ By Linda Rodgers - Page 67
"A Walk in the Park" ~ By Lindsay Cote - Page 73
"You are Stuck with Me" ~ By Natasha Boulanger - Page 79
"Dear Diary, Cheers!" ~ By Anne Joannette-White - Page 85
"Grateful Journey" ~ By Tammy Brazeau - Page 93
"Friendship is Hard" ~ By Penny Waddell - Page 98

At Above And Beyond came to be because two women, Bunny & Maggie, who believed they were already living a life above what they they could have ever imagined, felt the nudging in their Soul to move beyond. They received a message from Spirit that it was time to move above and beyond their wildest dreams and imagination. Trusting that message, they have given birth to AT ABOVE AND BEYOND without even knowing any of the details of their journey.

One thing is certain, however, we will soar Above and Beyond our wildest dreams!

It is with WILD EXCITEMENT that we invite you to follow At Above and Beyond and be witness to where our journey leads us.

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